Friday, 18 November 2011

Gameboy emulated on arcade machine!

Reverse logic in action here, but to be honest, the games I played so far cries nothing but joy. The graphics the sounds are timeless. Maybe because the games are being played on a non-blurry medium (which plagued the dot matrix lcd screen of the original gameboy) and the details are amplified several times..I simply can just listen to the music all day!!

Some vids of the shizz on biz:

Also, love the friday 13th Jason cameo complete with chainsaw on double dragon 2!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Quick comparison video between 31KHz (VGA) and 15KHz (CGA).

The SEGA NAOMI is running at 31KHz (via XBOX360's VGA output) and the OKBaby is running at 15KHz (via MAMEOX, HDBoxPro, Super Emotia set at 240p). Both setup seems to be lag free. Both georgeous in my eyes (even moreso if I chain the SLG3000 between the 360 and the NAOMI).

Here is the vid: