Sunday 23 December 2018

Roller coaster ride of emotions here so buckle up.

I was off to a friends to pick up my Pioneer monitor, sadly I saw this on the way...RIP Outrunners, we barely know you.

During my visit, I noticed a box of untested arcade PCBs. I had the weekend to myself so off to the test bench they go. I had to leave behind a Twin Cobra PCB as it was infested with ants and larvae, nightmare fuel it was...luckily it was a bootleg.

I let the pictures tell the story:

I tested what I can, its a shame Alienstorm was not least it went to a good friend who will fight for its revival. Best of luck~!

I also found this, but no sign of MJ unfortunately..

I decided to play St Dragon on the cabinet, it was a fine game and definitely a classic from NMK.

Sadly, the Pioneer monitor was not in great shape..

Monday 17 December 2018

Final Drill Attack! Can you feel it?

Sometimes the classics is what you need to pick up your day. None as more befitting that title than...

Capcoms'Street Fighter 89er...I mean, Final Fight! A CPS1 classic and a evolution of the Double Dragon formula on steroids. Literally, guys (and gals) and bigger in this game than the grand daddy of the genre and make no mistake, this game is designed to take your money and kick you in the ribs in the process.

Here we have a choice of characters, not palate or headswaps most of its predecessors were utilising at the time. Also, this restricts to players using two different characters at the same time for 2 player play. As far as I know, there was never a case of two players gunning for the same character at one time. This was more the case of Street Fighter 2: World Warriors. Ah...the scramble to play as Chun Li...

The premesis of the game is made very clear on the opening screen..Barrels are not only a great container for perishable goods like chicken or  medium rare steak, they are also imprenatratable by walking through it.

Also, scale is not an issue here, I am sure there are 10 foot enemies who are dying to use the public phone to call their relatives to wire some money through Western Union..

The AI is pretty slick as well. Hollywood is not taking my stationary right jabs lightly, hence he will launch into a sommersault air knife jab any second now.

And here we dig a little deeper with...

Mr Driller. Apparently the son of Dug from Dig Dug (if that is his real name). This was suppose to be Dig Dug 3 but NAMCO chicken out of that name. Mr Driller sounds at least 45% better.

Test your might: Choose between beginner mode or normal mode. The game will end once you complete that depth I think...maybe....I never made it that far yet.

The aim of the game is to drill as deep as escape the surface?!...yeah.

You also have to collect air capsules to keep the air meter up or you will sufficate. Not really a big deal on the surface...

Certain blocks will expend air moreso than the timer.

Not a bad midnight to bed.