Sunday, 4 November 2018

Baked Potato...I mean, Fighter History: The game that ruffled CAPCOMs feathers

Little did Data East know the follow game will land them a court date with Capcom over copyright infringements.

A mediocre but competent fighting game with the Data East flavour to it. Mainly the voice samples, which were very progressive back in the days. Especially with chinese pronounciation of special moves...felt like an IGS developed game.

The best engrish pronounciation of American fighter Ray always crack me up. Baked Potato!

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Attempted 054986A module repair

I had a friend quickly reattach a capacitor that was knocked off the module that controls sound in Mystic Ninja Warriors. Sound has stablilsed but still missing speech and the music is a bit whacked.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

My best wishes to these games...

A friend asked to to rescue these games from the review I did a couple of weeks back, I have no doubt is he the only person that can have a high rate of rescue..

Air Duel:

Major Title 2 (board 1):

Squash (board 1):

Squash (board 2):

Major Title 2 (board 2):

God speed...

Saturday, 22 September 2018

One Super Gun to rule them all

A couple of months back, I wanted to increase my options to play JAMMA games. On the same thought, I also wanted to utilise more of my USB based controllers whether it was for the PlayStation 3 or the XBOX360. This product poped up and claims, it can go both ways. 

First I tried my AES controller to make sure it’s working and also adjust the +5V on the Super Gun. Then I wasted no time and tested the XBOX360 controllers in the form of the wired controller and the EX-SE. Both worked beautifully, I am impressed.

You can tell the Super Gun has accepted the controller by the LED diodes which lights up once t accepted the USB controller.

Sorry Terry and Joe, you guys will be dancing for me tonight.

Next was a long shot because I chose the second funckiest controller converted I have in my arsonal: the GameCube/XBOX/PlayStation2 to USB converter...No LED, got power but no LED. 

Next I brought out my other converters which in this case is either a PS3 or XBOX360 converter for PlayStation controllers.

It worked!

And so did this one! In either PS3 or XBOX360 mode.

Finally I tested specialised PCB in this case it’s the MC Cthulhu...2 of them used in a special controller.

And both worked making my HSS-130 journey back to the arcade roots complete! 

Huh...where did Joe went?

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Time for, a New Generation

Well, technically an older generation of the Street Fighter III series. I remember when it came out amidst the Street Fighter EX series and was largely ignored in favour of the ZN-2 and CPS2 offerings at the time. Which is a bit of a shame as the hardware was quite beefy and can handle 2D sprite work like nobodies business.

This revision was suppose to drop Ryu and Ken to make way to new characters essentially making Alex the main character. But it was wise for them to include the two protagonist to retain the identity of the Street Fighter series.

This was also the first time CAPCOM allowed the players to choose their Super Arts/Combos to balance super meter usage and the effects of the super art.

There is no fault in the graphics design nor the revamped HUD. Everything was essentially what a sequel suppose to be, bigger and better.

Some spare SIMMS I am hawking off....CAPCOM branded ones too.

Friday, 14 September 2018

CPS3 arise from your grave...

Recently acquired some CPS3, unfortunately the cartridges have suicided. So I sent them to Mitsurugi/Jeremy to rectify that and rectified he did. A well done job mate, thanks for the super service!

This is the setup in all its glory (Please ignore the controls for now, no way I could play any of the CPS3 games with the AES controller...or could I?):

And its alive!! Notice the image is shifted to the right by a good special guess to what I could of used here.

I did not hit the 1P start button to enter the menu so its a mystery game loading up...I wonder what it could be?

45 minutes later...

Selected another game...

45 minutes later...

Happy days.