Sunday, 8 April 2018


Just recently received my FTR scaler back from a friend. Its' power supply had a blown power IC. Mon Ami suspected it was a secondary effect so he fitted my new IC with a socket just in case. I sent the unit to my friend in Otahuhu for assessment as sure enough, the replacement IC did not make a difference. Hamish spotted a blown resistor...and the rest is history. Thanks mate!

I stuck with an analog display since the unit outputs 480*680 through a DSUB output. Nothing short of mind blowing on a big screen this case a 20" DELL monitor.
I have my Dreamcast hooked up to it as well in the secondary input.

Here we have Contra on the Megadrive running at 60Hz and RGB.I added a ScanLine Generator (SLG) device between the output and input signal. Its nothing short of breathtaking.

I will do a head to head comparison with the BVM and a 640*480 4:3 20" LCD panel for showdown soon...

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

R-Type in da house!~

Got my board back thanks to Mon Ami~

I thought I was doing extremely well...until I realised Mon Ami left the invincibility dip on...Now I just need to underscan it to see the charge bar and score.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

It is great to be home...

...especially if you have a fresh batch of games back from Mon Ami!

Not so looking forward to the phallic boss in X-Multiply...

Super Potato Ikebukuro revisited and Best retro arcade experience yet...

I headed back to Super Potato in Ikebukuro to have another browse and snapped up some more photos.

The T-Shirt selection is tasteful, unfortunately not my size.

Some random game stuff.

The mini SFC collection looks cute, too bad I am a SEGA man.


Not so tempting...

This folks is why I love Japan. Business still exist (most probably barely...) with older models probably fashioned out of tradition (or complacency...) The tobacco smell is present but not offensive. The decor is old but tasteful. The staff are friendly but not too friendly. Game Park at Ramble Plaza.

Retro corner relegated to downstairs...

I played a couple credits of DAIOH and of cause Parodius.

A lovely end to a journey.