Friday, 17 August 2012

Some CAPCOM art books.

Picked up some CAPCOM art books from a local seller, to my surprise, 2 of them are still sealed!!

The Darkstalkers one is unsealed but in very good condition. Picked them up for a song so can not complain. I will unseal the other two books later on and maybe do a few scans.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

CAPCOM CPS2 boards get!

Pretty boring casing containing some interesting games! CPS2 game PCBs are housed in cheap albeit lazy design looking casings that act as a protective casing and to aid transportation. You need a top and bottom board for it to run in a JAMMA cabinet. To utilise the extra 3 buttons ( widely known as Kicks ) you need a CPS2 harness (CPS3 uses the same harness, but CPS1 is different) to connect the extra buttons directly to the bottom board. As you can see it is mostly dominated by fighting games, despite that, the team has churned out a few side scrollers such as Dungeons and Dragon (Tower of Doom pictured) and puzzle games such as Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (pictured here). They are quite big boards when assembled too.

Most of the fighting ones definitely will be housed in the SEGA VS City. Others can be in any type of cabinet.

Some HYPER get...

Hyper64 NeoGeo that is! Got the fighting games pack for my JAMMA cabinets. The catridges are made of metal and very heavy, definitely towers over the old MVS cartridges and second only to the CPS2 B-Boards (if you classify them as carts). The motherboard is quite heavy as well, so half the price of the pickup was postal related!

The motherboard with Buriki One installed. The casing of both cartridge and motherboard is solid metal, SNK did not spare the expense on quality here **ahem CRAPCOM plastic CPS2 casing**

The business end of the motherboard. This particular revision is fully JAMMA compatible. Earlier version does not output sound through the JAMMA connection so additional wiring is required.

Here we have Samurai Showdown 64 -2 and also Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition and a pen to show the scale of the heavy as metal cartridges.

Will install it into a cabinet later once my cabinets have a proper home.