Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Some catch up posts....

Won a spinner on Trademe recently. It is actually in good condition and will be applying it to a couple games that I have.

I referred here to get the scoop on it...

On a side note, got me some side arm...this is a beast of a gun. Can expect sore wrist in no time as it is made of solid metal.

Decided to fire up my other NBA JAM board and it was in a mood for resetting. Off to Trademe it goes..

Some manuals and log of the PCB life..

Next up, I powered up my second copy of POW...I notice this is a 1 board revision whereas there exists a motherboard + ROM combo as well..

Damn RAM error...every second (or third line) is a blank so no it is not an intentional scanline filter...

Do you realise this is not a pleasant game? Neither did I! The MEGADRIVE version was the one I was most familiar with and I remember it as being "fair" in terms of difficulty.
Will this be a game I will be putting more time into?

Now, this game is far more enjoyable. Maybe I dislike bugs in real life??

GROWL is an interesting title. The 2 frames animation of the main character kicking poachers and 80s chicks ass is funny and strangely gratifying. Not to mention reducing them into chunks of BBQ meat (presumable for the animals to consume on after you rescue them?).

This game has slightly more frame of animation, but it plays dirt cheap. Prepare to kick punks in the ribs when you play this game. The unlimited ammo on the handgun is a blast.

This looks awkward.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Another night of testing games, working as expected.

That expectation was right down to a fault I expected on the Atomiswave motherboard:

Which is a tell tale sign that someone has plugged it in backwards frying the diodes for the input at the same time. No worries as its an easy fix. Other than that, it was a successful night.

The region of the board was a surprise though.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

New arrivals today

Today I received in the mail these items as alluded before:

First is a copy of Demolish Fist which I was reminded today was an effort by DIMPS which is cool because they went on to make SF4...which is cool for its time.

Next I have another naked CPS2 game: Street Fighter Zero 2. The mother board is of the EURO region.

This is my second copy of Shadow over Mysteria for the CPS2. The black duct tape will be removed later.

Not pictured is Hell Fire by Toaplan, would of not bothered getting the lot if that game was not included. But, the jewel of the pickup was this:

LS40 Optical Control Lever!! All 3 of them.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

I will have justice with my fist...

A spiritual follow up to Kung Fu Master, Vigilante from IREM has removed references to Bruce Lee's movie and swap out for downtown goons and outdoor environments.

I really did not like the lag the character is experiencing, he might have some brain trauma from all the fighting he got himself into? I don't know....

Also, dating a chick named Madonna is not something anyone would think about, especially in the 90s. Long live the skinheads!!

Time to take a spin on Forgotten World...

First and foremost, the voice acting was 90s to the max with extra throatiness, especially with player 2!!

 The board is a much later revision according to my source, definitely the meatier CPS1 games of my collection.

Please excuse my haphazard installation of the spinner. Note that the spinner has a microswitch function as well by pressing it down. I was quite skeptic about that aspect of the control scheme as I needed to adopt a 2 finger 1 thumb hold on the spinner to make it work.

I was not wrong....

But I had an awesome time learning to play it.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Hitting on those hens teeth like never before...

Recently acquired these puppies.

Looks like your run the mill rare LS30 levers. It these are the uber rare LS40 optical levers.

Also acquired these games:

Just a week after selling my atomiswave set as well..

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Somethings you don't see everyday and also some work for Mon Ami...

Recently I have been cataloging and selling some boards I did not want to keep. One such board is VS. SLALOM by RARE and published by Nintendo.

It has a daughterboard that takes care of Audio and Video too. Neat.

Something else I came across was Coin Cascade LTD terms of trade...needless to say I don't blame consoles to be the demise of the arcade industry in New Zealand.

I have been testing a couple of the MVS motherboards I got recently. 2 boards tested with minor problems. A friend has offered to take them off me.

Here you can see a couple jailbar on the graphics..

Which is completely fixed when there is pressure on the board.

I suspect it might be a broken trace...something Womble from definitely is not interested in.

Here we see an unofficial MVS board. I really liked the volume dial though, so much easier than the official hardware. Also a capacitor is used to save settings which is an improvement over the battery design of the official hardware.

This one purred like a kitten once tested. Went quickly too when I advertised it.

This was the second motherboard with problems. This one has to do with the audio..possible Z80A error? RAM error?? Only my friend will know now.

I thought I had this game in my collection, but no I did not. I think the graphics are better done on this release than the blurry mess the sequels were...on 15KHz ofcause. Different story when things went 31KHz.

After the sales of my Hyper Neo Geo 64 Hardware and Cartridges, I have enough room to display the rest of the MVS carts I got in my collection. Too many to count to be honest.

My MERCS board was acting funny recently, the whole screen estate has shifted to the right cutting off a majority of the playing field. I tried it on different motherboards yielding the same results. So I took a closer look at the C Board..

Mon Ami immediately knew what must be done.