Monday, 20 August 2018

Arise Street Fighter III The Third (Strike)

After a year since last played, the game powers on.

The SUV did not stand a chance against my Sheng Long

A Fantastic Story indeed...

I asked the seller whether he had any other game boards for sale, then he bust out this specimen.

Those eyes stares straight into my soul.

Guess what game is this picture from?

Clue: I came across this game recently

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Sending some love~

Hopefully someone will find this label useful...

Posted it at a select forum which will have members making good use of it.

Friday, 17 August 2018

CPS3 sets get and chilling out at the end of the week

Recently bought 2 x CPS3 sets from Trademe for a fair price, assuming one of the cartridge is working. I did not hesitate upon receiving the games to test them. Unfortunately, both cartridges have suicided so obtaining a superbios + regular SH-2 would be the best course of action.

Decided to drown my remorse in a few games of Pulstar on the MVS and also...

Finally playing this game in the correct orientation. Unlike most vertical games, NAMCO decided to go clockwise with this release. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the remixed versions of the classics. Pretty cool and wont miss a beat in a modern arcade establishment.

Also, I took the opportunity to test an official Sigma RGB cable that I got from Gaijinpunch a while back. Here is the thing, it works awesome...more so than the cables that I got from a well known cable making group. You can see their label on the floor of the picture above.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Some "Forgotten" Projects and Alien3 set get

For almost a year my Forgotten World spinners were sitting on the shelf, so I took action and asked Alberto to make me one and it was a beauty. His panels are fashioned out of stainless steel so it would not rust and last for ages. The mounting screws also allowed me to mount any lever I desire, in this case I used some aftermarket ones since I hardly install this game.

Quick test making sure everything is working

Next I got a pair of positional guns, I wanted to get the smallest one possible so I could mount them on project boxes and play some ( well, one ) known working gun game: Namcos' Steel Gunner 2. The package that I need to buy to get the guns came with Aliens3:The Gun and a broken Tekken 2 board. I will try to install the Aliens3 rom on my working Spiderman board to see if I can get it going again.

Monday, 13 August 2018

My recent trade and new games

After the dust has settled after the battery of tests and as a result I chose some games for myself.

Firstly I finally have a Thunder Zone board, finally the ice mobile in the artic stage makes sense.

Luckily I can toggle the dips to make it a 2 players game and allowing each player to choose different characters. But to be honest, this game really shines when 4 players play together.

Next, another multiplayer game that can be toggled to 2 players, it is Mystic Warriors: Wrath of the Ninjas:

The game like the title has a lot going for it including all the tropes you find in 80/90s martial art film. Thoroughly enjoy playing this game. The only downside is a small component broke off the sound module (duh! duh!) But it still plays well.

In addition to finally getting Pulstar for the MVS (will talk more about this gem later) I also got Lethal Thunder:

I was relieved to find this board not being a conversion and it plays great even after so many years. Colourful graphics, non stop action and tight gameplay makes this a winner for me.

I also received this little monitor as well as a gift:

Runs well enough for a test monitor and very thankful it was not dumped. The Megadrive is running in RGB 60Hz so it looks quite pretty.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Been busy in the weekend helping a friend out with his gear and I came up with some suggestion prices for the New Zealand market:

First up is Surf Planet, requires an analog 2 way joystick to play so I am limited to testing the credit and start button only. The sound output is stereo so be sure to have the correct audio setup on the JAMMA connector. Refer to the online manual for support. RRP $50

Street Fighter 2: World Warrior , Works 100% , $120

Taitos' Rally Bike, Not booting up, $15

SEGA STV motherboard with Virtua Fighter Kids, Not booting, $50

NAMCOs' Fighter and Attacker board, not booting, $15

Bootleg TETRIS boards, not booting, $15 each

*Street Fighter 2 board, not booting, $15

IREMs' Risky Challenge, Board works with graphical glitches, $35

Gaelcos' Squash, Board works fine but with graphical glitches, $35

Gaelcos' Squash, Board works fine but with no sound, $35

IREMs' Major Title 2, board sometimes boot to garbled screen or wont boot at all, $15

IREMs'Air Duel, board is not booting and the title written on the board is not consistent with what the game suppose to be on, $15

*Snow Bros, board boots to a TILT message, $15

Konamis' Slam Dunk 2/ Run & Gun 2, board is stuck on ROM check and resets every time it finishes a test cycle, $15

Taitos' Twin Hawk, board not booting, $15

NEO GEO MVS 1 slot boards, not booting or Z80 error, $15 each

 The King of Fighters 96, Not booting, $15

NEO GEO MVS cartridge Stakes Winner, Working 100%, $25

NEO GEO MVS cartridge Street Hoop, Working 100%, $25

NEO GEO MVS cartridge Puzzle Bobble, Works but have audio issues, $15

NEO GEO MVS cartridge The King of Fighters 96, 100% Working, $25

NEO GEO MVS cartridge Samurai Shodown, 100% Working, $25

NEO GEO MVS cartridge Samurai Shodown, 100% working, $25

NEO GEO MVS cartridge The King of Fighters 96, 100% working, $25

CAPCOMs' Plasma Sword, not booting, $15

CPS1 Street Fighter 2 boards, all boots to garbled screen, $35 each

RAREs' Killer Instinct 2 set + manual, 100% working, $280

*Street Fighter EX, game locks up on green screen, $15 

*Pang 3, 100% working, $50

William/Taito's Hit the Ice, 100% Working, $35

Seibu Kaihatsus' Seibu Cup Soccer, 100% working, $35

SEGAs' MEGAPLAY set with Sonic 2 & Grandslam, working but player 1 start can only be activated if player 2 start is pressed at the same time and the dipswitches resistor array need to be replaced. $280

CAPCOMs' Street Fighter 3: Second Impact Motherboard and Cartridge set, 100% working but requires a compatible SCSI CD-ROM, the game CD and the necessary cables from the CD-ROM to the motherboard. $220