Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Power, Video and Audio all OK!

Finally mustered the courage to turn EVERYTHING on at once, its all good!

 Here are some stills of the action:
 This is from the entrance, my pc serves as a juke box that powers the amp for the ceiling speakers.

I have my 14" PVM running off a modded xbox1. Will probably replace it with a Japanese Saturn soon.

One of the NAOMI is running Otomedius..

And the other is running SSF4...I prefer older revisions though. Twin Eagle is running on the TATE New Astro and SideArms on the YOKO New Astro.

The 2P end of the Versus City. Finally found a good use for the $5 poster I got!

19XX is running on the PONY...love that metal bastard! Hanging off it is my SONY control tower style pc mic/headphone. The microphone piece off it is huge, feel like an extra from a 70's sci-fi movie when using it.

Still got a couple posters to hang up. Some from CAPCOM others from SNK. I doubt I will put up anything PLAYSTATION related though.

I haven't finished wiring up the control panels of most of the cabinets so that will be my next project.

That's all for now, hopefully can get some people in for a few sessions. Happy gaming folks :D

Monday, 12 August 2013

Versus cities in the house...and final casualties of the move.

Couple of friends and I moved the two versus city cabinets to the game room. Will probably take me a couple of nights to put it back together again.

So, in summary, the total casualties of the recolation and build was 1 x boxed EX-SE stick and 1 x boxed JTAG 360 60Gig Xenon console...both of which I can not account for but have at least 2 of anyway so I think I got off lightly in terms of the notorious building theft that goes on here and also a strained back which has just got right after 2 days of medication and rest.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Some tidy up for weekend move

Managed to shift some items across the room to clear for impeding versus city cabinets. Luckily everything is still in boxes.

Had some street fighter playing to keep room sounding good. I also found a temporary spot for the 3rd strike mdf poster.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

OKBaby back in action!

Just finish fitting in 5 candy cabinets in the roof section and I like the look. I finished reassembling the mame Naomi universal as well but a bit hesitant to start her up, maybe in a couple of days. At this rate, I will have all my cabinets running in 2 weeks time.
Sagat approves, just need to degause it sometime.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Initial move into new game room.

4th August:

The day has finally come for me to move some arcade cabinets into the room. I had some concerns about possible injuries or worst, lack of room, in the new place. However, as the room started to fill up with the cabinets, my worries were gone.

Everything has just been moved for the time being and it will probably take me weeks before every one of the machine is operational.

Still have 2 versus cities to fit in yet.