Monday, 30 January 2012

My new PONY and some bits of changes

Happy new year all and without further-a-do, some updates.

I recently acquired another forum members Jaleco PONY mark II 28/29 custom coloured as seen here:

The main difference between this and the rest I have is that its all metal and it is heavy. I am sure Ihave came across it before in my youth, but now its in my shed.

It is JAMMA ready so it can accept pretty much any arcade pcb and the screen is pretty good for its age. I plan to hack up a JAMMA interface that will use two dualshock pcbs as controls and the picture shall be processed by a UVC (basically to convert 31khz to 15/24khz which this dual sync chassis can handle) and become an all purpose mame/console unit.

Here are some more shots and some description of what I have done these pass few weeks.

OK, so firstly, the upright NAOMI cabinet has enough clearance under the control panel to stack up some essential consoles for the following 2 cabinets. In the bottom most compartment houses a PS2 and XBOX360, both of which interfaces the control panel by 2 dualshock pcbs (+adapters for the 360). They are both accessed buy the door and input selected by a switch within the control panel (TV has only 1 set of component inputs) and the resolution starts from 240p up to 720p/1080i.

Next we have the sitdown NAOMI, it has a trisync monitor installed but for most of the time, I will use it to drive 480p images from the 360 or the PC through VGA input. The controllers are 2 x PS360 pcbs hooked by seperate molex to the control panel. It also has a working NAOMI mobo inside as well. The speakers on this sucker is loud.

Finally the OKBaby just had its joysticks and buttons replaced with SANWA components and is running like a champ. No further modification was made to it.

I decided to tart up my NAC on the left with top mounted speakers and some game instruction and arts. It houses a similar setup to the OKBaby, except it is a dedicated vertical screen orientated game machine. I use this to play 15khz shumps most of the time. All 31khz shmups are handled by the NAOMI standup.

Hopefully can get some games running soon on the PONY, so until next time...