Sunday, 29 September 2013

Second SLG HD (YUV) unit get!

Got it for a fair price from a shmup forum member, the scanlines generated by one of these is lighter than that from the slg3000/slgmini, so the results will vary according to how the TV/Monitor is tuned. Will try to piggyback the 12V from somewhere else instead of finding a plug for the adapter.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Windjammers lock and loaded...

Got the old Neo cart out for some games with the local fighting forum group, probably only one person knows the true power of this game. It is basically PONG on steroids...future steroids complete with racial cliches.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Inaugral gaming with cousin, a change of spots and also a discourse on SF2:CE M5.

Just packing up after a session with my cousins. I manage to trouble shoot some control panel issues and now all the machines buttons and joysticks input register. Working on one machine is troublesome but 12 is a little bit maddening. Thanks to my cousins, the playtest proved to be invaluable.

I have adjusted the hologen spots towards the walls to reflect the light off it as well as planning some arcade poster prints to make the room more colourful. I intend to use online resourced to make prints that I can hang up.

My DIY holder for my S3 for taking youtube videos lol...

The ladies of the house got me an awesome tool box for all my bits and bobs. Now I dont have to worry about the box ripping on me!

And a video of me playing some bootleg street fighter board as I try to figure out how to do the Blanka electricity sonic boom spewing magnet attack!

Suffice to say I am a bit disturbed about Chun Li's spinning bird kick as she is obviously spinning on her head now like a break dancer darting from one side of the screen to the other AND shooting sonic booms from her crotch...nasty..time to hit that start button.