Sunday, 15 November 2015

Got a couple nice tidbits about cabinets recently, nice and light..

Comes with a couple concept sketches and stuff, interesting read.

Some paper crafty stuff for you!

I recently received this from a friend, have fun putting it together!

Is that DDP in the loo or are you happy to see me?

A view from the throne ofcause.

Got another CRT to the fray, the highly touted B&O MX4000 and CRT setup.

In the flesh, the MX4000 is simply stunning. The bonus VCR I got with it has the nicest flap mechanism I have encountered. The Beo 4 remote is also quite beautiful and heavy, easily qualify as a Cleudo weapon. The TV also came with a mechanical rotating stand and wall mount, take that Scaramanga!

The picture quality of the MX4000 is below par with that of the PVMs of similar size. Which is expected as the PVM was several thousand dollars compared to it.

Here is a group shot of the CRT corner of the gameroom.

Opposite to the CRT setup is my 31KHz CRT setup, specifically for the PC and Dreamcast. The monitor is a 20" Trinitron. Sharp, vibrant and lag free what all monitors should strive for.

Testing my remaining pair of 20/21" PVM monitors and it is all good!

The vertically oriented monitor has been in storage for 2 years in the back shed so it was a treat to see it fire up on the first try. It uses BNC for the the video input so I had to improvise with my cabling solution and it seems the SEGA Saturn is totally fine with that.

Here is Toaplans' Batsugun running on the vertical monitor. I sold my 14" PVMs after firing up the two monitors. Once you go beyond 14" is hard to go back.

Luckily both monitors are happy to run side by side without affecting each others magnetic field.

A special mention to Metal Black by Taito, it was a very groovy game.

So long PONY II 28, you will be missed.

In the ongoing quest of streamlining my gameroom, I have decided to let go of my PONY II 28 cabinet. 

This was the last picture of all the cabinets restored and together.

Compared to the SEGA New Astro City, the PONY II can rotate its screen without lifting the monitor out of the cabinet and also it is made of metal from the ground up. The control panel angle is higher than the Astro and the screen mounting is flatter. 

It will be missed but the laws of the gameroom demands it.