Friday, 14 August 2015

Some random toy pick ups

OK...probably not so random.

A 1/48 model of Hikarus' valkyrie in the "Do you remember love?", I love that movie.

And I also picked up some sales items from Hobby Search.

Installing a pair of LS-30 (rotatory lever) into the PONY II 28

Time to initiate the project I been meaning to do for the PONY for a while, installing these bad boys. Its a pair of used ones but in working condition.

One of the lever was held into the old control panel by nuts and bolts, that is a good thing. However, the other was riveted in...BAD. I am sure there is a special place in Hell for people who decided to do this. To remove it you need to remove the head and that can be achieved in all sorts of creative way. I decided to drill and pry it off!

I finally removed the levers and they had the original mounting plates.

This panel will be their new home, I also picked up some seimitsu buttons from the same era to complete the set.

As you can see, the mounting bracket on the panel is biased for the top. So I whipped out some universal mounting plates I got from TaoBao and everything fit like a glove.

The lever sits lower because the mounting plates are flat, but it is still 100% functional and given the length of the knob, it actually feels better to play on.

Some handiwork on the wiring. I am addicted to shrink tubes I have admit, I like how it clenches to the wiring when applying heat. It is like popping bubble wrap but more dangerous.

Both levers mounted, or so I thought...But I did a switches test and everything was working. I have not tested the rotatory circuit yet but they seldom fail.

The previous LS-32 lever control panel.

The new, sexier, LS-30 lever panel, but just my luck I have to backward mount the lever for the bottom CP flap to close...dammit...but what does not kill you only makes you stronger.
I think I will connect the wiring for the levers with connector blocks just in case future mount requires the lever mounted on a 90 degrees or whatever.

Relocated PONY II to enable better flow through the room

Not a grand design decision but will optimise the use of space.

 The place is a mess as a result but it was worth it. Next on the agenda is probably getting rid of my beloved retro game shelve..that space have to be available for the 2 New Astro Citys.

State of Game Room end of July 2015

Currently I am downsizing my game room to accommodate two more New Astro Citys. So naturally I sold the extra arcade cabinets that I am not using much or faulty. First up the block is the OKBaby cabinet. Its bitter sweet letting this one go as it was perfect. Ample thigh space for a full size rugby player when sitting down and plenty of elbow room without adding width for 2 player games. Gonna miss her..

I did not manage to sell the PONY II and I think its for the better with an upcoming modification I plan. Muah ha ha ha...

I will keep one of the New Astro in the room awaiting its brother and sister.

After selling the Blast City, I had to rearrange some shelved goods. I really have to decide what to keep.

The fridge is moved here temporarily until I find a better place for it.

My father-in-law made me some shelves, they are the heavy duty kind that can handle over 50Kg!! But I am not risking that theory so I put my CRT on a steel leg coffee table.

More shots of the shelving, all the material was reused from my shop so no cost~

Tower of power Mark II. It has 4 displays on it (1 x 22" PC CRT, 1 x tate 16:9 Commercial Monitor, 1 x 16:9 17" monitor and 1 x tate 4:3 PC LCD) and it houses at least 6 consoles from the Dreamcast to the PS3/360.