Monday, 7 August 2017

Another night of testing games, working as expected.

That expectation was right down to a fault I expected on the Atomiswave motherboard:

Which is a tell tale sign that someone has plugged it in backwards frying the diodes for the input at the same time. No worries as its an easy fix. Other than that, it was a successful night.

The region of the board was a surprise though.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

New arrivals today

Today I received in the mail these items as alluded before:

First is a copy of Demolish Fist which I was reminded today was an effort by DIMPS which is cool because they went on to make SF4...which is cool for its time.

Next I have another naked CPS2 game: Street Fighter Zero 2. The mother board is of the EURO region.

This is my second copy of Shadow over Mysteria for the CPS2. The black duct tape will be removed later.

Not pictured is Hell Fire by Toaplan, would of not bothered getting the lot if that game was not included. But, the jewel of the pickup was this:

LS40 Optical Control Lever!! All 3 of them.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

I will have justice with my fist...

A spiritual follow up to Kung Fu Master, Vigilante from IREM has removed references to Bruce Lee's movie and swap out for downtown goons and outdoor environments.

I really did not like the lag the character is experiencing, he might have some brain trauma from all the fighting he got himself into? I don't know....

Also, dating a chick named Madonna is not something anyone would think about, especially in the 90s. Long live the skinheads!!

Time to take a spin on Forgotten World...

First and foremost, the voice acting was 90s to the max with extra throatiness, especially with player 2!!

 The board is a much later revision according to my source, definitely the meatier CPS1 games of my collection.

Please excuse my haphazard installation of the spinner. Note that the spinner has a microswitch function as well by pressing it down. I was quite skeptic about that aspect of the control scheme as I needed to adopt a 2 finger 1 thumb hold on the spinner to make it work.

I was not wrong....

But I had an awesome time learning to play it.