Thursday, 17 May 2012

New arrival, a second Vs City!

Latest addition to my collection:

But the greatest surprise was free money in the coin box:

Enough there for steak and cheese pies for the whole family.

The person who sold it said it was not powering up and was selling it as is...the ac power from the switch was unplugged and from this:

I got this:

It has a triforce mobo inside with virtua striker 2002 trapped inside the gdrom and that will be the next testing phase.
Also got some dated mvs carts with it as a chuck in because they stuffed up negotiations (not by much):

Sunday, 6 May 2012

My first commissioned work for fellow forum member, all in a days work!

I made a jamma interface for the uvc for a fellow forum member.

The setup:
For video, I have the R,G,B,Gnd and H-Sync (since the uvc can output H(C)-Sync via dipswitch) header and a loose V-Sync should he need it. For audio, a female phono jack which he can plug an amplified output signal to.

JAMMA end of business.

Hooked up to JAMMA harness and we have power (whew..)

Beautiful victory!

He is planning to run his uvc in 24KHz mode for his 360 in his new astro city. I think the combination will be smashing.