Friday, 13 January 2017

Happy New Year and my haul so far...

Happy new year everyone!

Upon returning from my holiday, I saw a listing on Trademe for 33 game pcbs at $1 reserve. Given the local pick up criteria and also the untested status of the board, I figured it would be a good opportunity to take a punt on what I thought it was all worth. 

Board on carpet...say no more. I placed an autobid on the last minute of the auction and it went for half my expected amount. Suffice to say I am sure NZ is not really a good country to sell arcade boards.

The seller was able to identify these games from the batch:

"Record Breaker
Teenage Ninjya Turtles
Devil world
Hyper Olympics x2
Calibre 50
Side Arms
Dragon Ninjya
Rally Bike
Mr Heli
Shoot Out
Beast buster
Twin Cobra
Sky soldiers
Pit Fighter
Ghost & Gobrins
Dragon Buster
Tumble Pot
Karate tournament 
WS Superstars
Double Dragon 2
Section Z
3x unknown"

I was more intrigued by the unknowns:

 The first board seems like Super Pang..

The second one has "Gigas" written on the board which corresponds to a SEGA arkanoid clone.

The third game has "Kung Fu" written on it but one of my forum members debunked the probability of Kung  Fu Master being the game.

The last unknown is Vapour Trail by Data East. There are two broken boards on Trademe for $10 each should I need parts to get this game going again.