Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Paper craft and arcade machine...

Tried  Failed a bit of paper crafting today and to be honest, looks a bit better than the pictures. Tried to glue the tabs that hold it together but that is impossible, so sticky tape to the rescue!

And those who like to give it a go...

Monday, 11 July 2011

New place and new cabinet!

Got a 50% complete NAC for free so I decided to chuck some stuff on it to tart it up a bit. Since most of the components would of been shelved or stagnant otherwise. Pretty happy with the results and also a shot of my messy new location with a view to kill for ... unless the 78 steps upwards get you first!

The 50% NAC now up to 95%...thanks to the LCD screen, some spare flurolamps, 2.1 pc speakers and also my trusty multiconsoled HSS.
Rough schematics for restoration.
The joystick holding panel in the flesh.

I couldnt power everything on at one time because only have 1 extension lead coming from the house and dont want to blow a fuse.
Both the Naomi and Astro City share the same console and power source and can have a 4 players 2 cabinet setup at will.
Test playing DDP and its all good, no lag and motion blur PLUS the sound is bitchin!
My apologies for the crappy quality...