Sunday, 29 May 2011

Stick updates and for show.

 My PS2/1 HRAP stock buttons and stick. Green and yellow not really my thing...unless you are a fan of teenage mutant ninja trutles.
 Swapped out the hori stock action buttons with seimitsus and changed the ball top to pink to match. Recycled a sanwa 24mm for the start button and used a grey hori 24mm for the select (a redundant button on the face of the plate really...) And plugged up the holes to keep things minimalistic. Kept the stick as jlf because of the pain of modding the mounting plate for ls32.
 The "King" of sticks for the 360 in its original form. Not bad if you like clowns..the coloured buttons have to go and need less action buttons too. So on with the unhinging.
 TE stick has 6 hexagonal/allen key bolts to undo, this has 3 hand screwable bolts in the cable compartment. Definitely faster and easier to undo.
 Top panel unhinged and good to see everything nice and tidy inside. The spare button holders was slightly bent, but nothing major. The QDs are okay, its cased solid plastics, I prefer the rubber ones to grip on the metal connectors better when changing out the buttons. Good to see hori forgo the cellotape way of doing things finally.

 Swapped and moved some buttons and opted out for the non-linear button arrangement. The sanwas from the TE stick I used was brighter white than the stock vlx ones, maybe UV discolouration from older buttons?? Anyway, looks better than multi-coloured configuration. Time to plug those holes...

 Used some spare happs ones I have lying around, screws on easily and the top surface is smooth. Put away a green and red obsf 33mm for emergency.

 The business end of the stick. Overall easy stick to mod and looks awesome too.
 Back in the box you go until next time :)
PS2/1 Virtua Stick: All seimitsu components bar the select, turbo and start button, got it off trademe for 40-50 bucks, truly nice stick to use. No need to mod this one at all.

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