Monday, 11 July 2011

New place and new cabinet!

Got a 50% complete NAC for free so I decided to chuck some stuff on it to tart it up a bit. Since most of the components would of been shelved or stagnant otherwise. Pretty happy with the results and also a shot of my messy new location with a view to kill for ... unless the 78 steps upwards get you first!

The 50% NAC now up to 95%...thanks to the LCD screen, some spare flurolamps, 2.1 pc speakers and also my trusty multiconsoled HSS.
Rough schematics for restoration.
The joystick holding panel in the flesh.

I couldnt power everything on at one time because only have 1 extension lead coming from the house and dont want to blow a fuse.
Both the Naomi and Astro City share the same console and power source and can have a 4 players 2 cabinet setup at will.
Test playing DDP and its all good, no lag and motion blur PLUS the sound is bitchin!
My apologies for the crappy quality...

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