Thursday, 11 August 2011

1 month on...

This is my progress so far...

The Naomi came absolutely gutted, so I decided to chuck in a HD CRT capable of 720p/1080i, currently set on 480p because the aspect ratio. Dedicated HD cab for the 360 with optional scanlines via slg3000 but currently it is connected throgh component video at 480p & 4:3 ratio. The controls are a pair of pad hack dualshock1s connected through a pair of 360 controller converters to the 360. Menu are navigated with a wireless 360 pad.

The OKbaby came complete with kick harness as well! As it is a 15khz monitor, will make it dedicated for pre-HD hori games courtesy of mameox et al from xbox1. Visuals are properly converted from 30khz to 15khz by way of HDboxPro to the super emotia. I can not stand flickering interlace since day one. Again pad hacked a dualshock1 and everything rigged up by Viletums SCART to JAMMA adapter.

The following New Astro City came gutted as well. So I transfered my sony trinitron 29" tube from the naomi to this machine only to find the curvature of the tube was not compatible with the I reverse mount it and it all came together (along with some gaps). The controls shall be done by a keyboard encoder and will be rigged to another hacked xbox1 for vertical play goodness.

Currently the picture is provided by SCART with sync cleaned by sync strike and sync processed by an extron 160xi (a second super emotia on its way for absolute conversion) If anything, the scanline is solid and not flickering like 480i do BUT there is still some flickering but not as bad as raw 480i. Here is some close up pics of the combo in action:

Some more pics of the madness in the shed:

Havent properly hooked up the 360 to the arcade panel, so the EX-SE will do for now. Just didnt have time to get it together before the blog...

Gotta like the old Duke for the xbox1, awesome to play with and nice to navigate the emulators etc with as well.
Its like the control panel of the deathstar when all the lights are out...kind of distracting really.
ECO-Fighters in action!

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