Monday, 13 February 2012

Modulised uVC board with independent power and RCA breakouts

Was spending the good part of the night placing the SCART to JAMMA and monitor remote board on the PCB holder of the PONY II and it all seem tidier now. There is enough space to put an xbox360 standing up inside, however, its running the cables outside of the cabinet that will prove to be the internalising idea difficult, so I decided to replicate what I have done with my OKBaby: open up the back and run videogame consoles from the outside. No doubt it will have better ventilation.

I also decided to modulise my uVC so its not a loose PCB with wires hanging off it, so I mounted the PCB, the header to RCA breakouts and even a HDD power adapter off a single piece of reinforced cardboard. Its quite neat and transparent according to my standards. Everything is held together with cable ties and the cable itself!

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