Friday, 23 March 2012

Aquired and fully functional SEGA Vs City in action.

Got my hands on one of these and I am happy to report all is going well, except for the control panel, sight and sound is all go.

Fired up my cps2 game and I was greeted with a hadoken:

The main focus on this project is to change out the panels to something more befitting digital control games, pictured here is the analog controller, great for 3D sports games, but not so much arcade games as such:

Old rivals face off in new cabinet..

The top display can show who is winning and by how many matches, I dont know how to get that bit going...yet.

All I did was to make sure the bottom power supply is powering the AC/DC power supply on the top and presto, all go.

And a video showing the beast in action:

Going to rig up the new control panel for each player and give her a good clean.

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