Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Power, Video and Audio all OK!

Finally mustered the courage to turn EVERYTHING on at once, its all good!

 Here are some stills of the action:
 This is from the entrance, my pc serves as a juke box that powers the amp for the ceiling speakers.

I have my 14" PVM running off a modded xbox1. Will probably replace it with a Japanese Saturn soon.

One of the NAOMI is running Otomedius..

And the other is running SSF4...I prefer older revisions though. Twin Eagle is running on the TATE New Astro and SideArms on the YOKO New Astro.

The 2P end of the Versus City. Finally found a good use for the $5 poster I got!

19XX is running on the PONY...love that metal bastard! Hanging off it is my SONY control tower style pc mic/headphone. The microphone piece off it is huge, feel like an extra from a 70's sci-fi movie when using it.

Still got a couple posters to hang up. Some from CAPCOM others from SNK. I doubt I will put up anything PLAYSTATION related though.

I haven't finished wiring up the control panels of most of the cabinets so that will be my next project.

That's all for now, hopefully can get some people in for a few sessions. Happy gaming folks :D

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