Tuesday, 29 July 2014

PVM 2130QM Get! And calibrated.

Just recently acquired my second 21" PVM locally in Wellington. It was severely underscanned as the previous owner was a video editor and needed to see the entire image, so I opened the case and made some adjustments. The screen has absolutely no burn ins and was in great condition.

And this was the before image courtesy of Blast Wind

And this was the after image:

Pretty happy with the result.


  1. Hi there

    I'm very envious of your PVM get! (Interesting phrase - you're not originally from Japan are you?)

    I've just started down the road of videogame collecting (I'm in my mid-30's, so the 8 and 16-bit home consoles are what I am currently gravitating towards). Given the need to balance my passion for gaming with a wife and two young kids, the sort of setup you have is very much a pipedream for me :)

    I was hoping you could perhaps answer a few questions:

    - How did you come across your RGB monitors?

    - Do you have any tips you can share as to to how you source your systems and games? (I'm a fellow Wellingtonian, and I'm keen to do as much locally as possible.)

    I've tried looking for local clubs, specialist stores, or get-togethers for instance, but have not had much luck.



  2. Hi Dave,

    sorry for the late reply, I have been slack checking on my blog :p

    And you are right, I am not from Japan...originally from Malaysia, but I have been in NZ since 8 and now I am 37 so pretty much kiwi now I am afraid :D

    I am a father of 2 girls and a 3rd one on her way so there is a way to maintain a hobby and stable family life, just pick your battles carefully.

    I have always been a fan of RGB SCART ever since I hooked my megadrive up to my Amiga 1084s monitor, granted only certain sets support it, but I always search in appliance stores back then for a bigger screen with RGB in...My uncles Phillips Matchline was the pinnacle set I found back in the days.

    I mostly get my sets off trademe, but sometimes forum members offer their sets for sale.

    The best way to join the retrogaming community is either join Boss Level Community on facebook or http://nzretrogamers.freeforums.org/ and meetup with like minded people. I frequent those sites on a daily basis and share what I can find on them too.

    Brick and mortar shops are now a thing of the past (unless you count Under World in Petone?) so most of the time you will be trading with private members. I rarely source things from overseas as the postage to NZ is super expensive.

    Hope that helps!