Thursday, 4 December 2014

Alien Storm versus Alien vs Predator, SEGA vs Capcom, 10+ years in the making.

Recently I picked up an Alien vs Predator CPS2 board and that made me wanted to make a video comparison of both that game and Alien Storm. Both of which has a little or a lot of Aliens franchise influence, though some can argue that Alien Storm has even got Ghostbusters elements too! Enjoy the video.

 The kit I got  has some artwork, an original maual, some looms as well as the A and B board.

This is the board plugged into my vertical cabinet. And the moment of truth...

Yes, gamble paid off..


  1. May I ask what was needed to get the AvP CPS2 unit working? I might think about doing something similar down the track. What's needed besides the blue package in the first photos, and what is that thing called, precisely?

  2. Its called a CPS2 Alien vs Predator arcade system. It comprises of the top B-board and bottom A-board. The one I have is the EURO version, there are other releases and comes with different coloured plastics but essentially the same game. You will need a JAMMA arcade cabinet or a JAMMA home setup to play it.