Friday, 14 August 2015

State of Game Room end of July 2015

Currently I am downsizing my game room to accommodate two more New Astro Citys. So naturally I sold the extra arcade cabinets that I am not using much or faulty. First up the block is the OKBaby cabinet. Its bitter sweet letting this one go as it was perfect. Ample thigh space for a full size rugby player when sitting down and plenty of elbow room without adding width for 2 player games. Gonna miss her..

I did not manage to sell the PONY II and I think its for the better with an upcoming modification I plan. Muah ha ha ha...

I will keep one of the New Astro in the room awaiting its brother and sister.

After selling the Blast City, I had to rearrange some shelved goods. I really have to decide what to keep.

The fridge is moved here temporarily until I find a better place for it.

My father-in-law made me some shelves, they are the heavy duty kind that can handle over 50Kg!! But I am not risking that theory so I put my CRT on a steel leg coffee table.

More shots of the shelving, all the material was reused from my shop so no cost~

Tower of power Mark II. It has 4 displays on it (1 x 22" PC CRT, 1 x tate 16:9 Commercial Monitor, 1 x 16:9 17" monitor and 1 x tate 4:3 PC LCD) and it houses at least 6 consoles from the Dreamcast to the PS3/360.

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