Sunday, 15 November 2015

Got another CRT to the fray, the highly touted B&O MX4000 and CRT setup.

In the flesh, the MX4000 is simply stunning. The bonus VCR I got with it has the nicest flap mechanism I have encountered. The Beo 4 remote is also quite beautiful and heavy, easily qualify as a Cleudo weapon. The TV also came with a mechanical rotating stand and wall mount, take that Scaramanga!

The picture quality of the MX4000 is below par with that of the PVMs of similar size. Which is expected as the PVM was several thousand dollars compared to it.

Here is a group shot of the CRT corner of the gameroom.

Opposite to the CRT setup is my 31KHz CRT setup, specifically for the PC and Dreamcast. The monitor is a 20" Trinitron. Sharp, vibrant and lag free what all monitors should strive for.

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