Wednesday, 2 December 2015

And now for something completely different....

Cyber bullying and slandering on Social Media

Social media has evolved to a stage where people WILL take notice of things you say or show. That is why before any sense of justice is expressed, the person complaining must have definite proof of the offence.

At least that is what I am accustomed to until yesterday.

I expressed an interest to a Facebook member of his work and passion on the arcade front and out of nowhere a "friend" whom I thought we were on good terms with slandered my name with no reason what-so-ever. Clearly a foolish move as there is no evidence of such personal attack.

I have since disassociated with him as I do not appreciate such acts, especially since there is no discussion of any issues prior to attack.

He has also left inflammatory remarks (censored for younger audience) on youtube as well, but I shrug that off. This however has overstepped the line.

Thankfully Facebook moderators stepped in and fixed his mess and I have removed his comment.

Suffice to say the damage has already been done and I had to explain to close friends and relative the implications of his comment.

As a personal message to Shane: "Think before you type!"

I disallowed comments on this post because it has gone far enough and it is something people should not put up with.