Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Some revival, fixed and procured boards until May 2016

First I have Outzone, I bought this board about 3 years ago as a working game. I have only tested it recently and it had missing sprite tiles. Luckily I got it dirt cheap but now I know why. I tried reflowing the FCU with limited success so off it went to Caius for repairs.

As it turn out, the board had some other failed components and it took him a couple of days to troubleshoot the board with an unknown outcome. But out of the ashes, the phoenix arise!

All the sprite tiles were accounted for and 1ps' suit is the blue one we all know and love.

3 Way is the only way I will play this game, it is a shame it has not implemented the LS-30 control scheme, it would of killed!

A nice cameo from the wingmen from Twin Hawk.

Next up is a recent purchase from Trademe. I got this board and Gunbird for $100 on the off chance that at least one of them will work...Gunbird is not 100%, but boy this game was 100% thank goodness. The wait was also unbearable as NZCourier really dropped the ball on this one. What is the game that was causing this much anxiety you ask, it is..Dogyuun!The seller did not know what game it was because he could not test the board and the only clue was the PCB number TP-022.

This was a bit iffy on the Gunbird board. Not sure if it was intentional, but both eprom had this leg out.

All, relief...the gamble more than paid off. It is the Korean region so I am missing the cutscenes I imagine. Nothing a bit of rom switch can not fix, but for the time being, I am happy to finally enjoy the game with kick ass music.

As part of the random haul I got a year back, I fired up US AAF Mustang by NMK (published by UPL).

To be honest, both the Megadrive and PCB is very close to each other. Another NMK great.

Finally, also back from Caius is Splatterhouse. Ironically, the fix was finalised on Friday 13th May! Spooky huh? Full fix log at his end HERE

The main culprit for the game not passing the eeprom check was a break in the trace. My friend Luke manage to boot the game up once by chance but Caius spotted the trace problem and fixed it accordingly.
Luke also skillfully soldered back the custom chip which was ripped by some animal...just like the scars Jason, I mean, Rick would of sustained from the camp counce-, I mean, ghouls..Ghouls! He murdered.

The original 64A custom chip has the habit of dying leaving the Namco System 1 games unbootable. Thanks to the combined effort of Caius and Jrok they came up with a custom solution. Caius's solution is far more elegant as it uses a once MPU solution which kept the mod extremely tidy. Romaric programmed the MPU for me and it works flawlessly.

One further modification needed to be made to the Voice0 rom to allow the newly programmed MPU to work (indefinitely...Just like Jas-, I mean, Rick)

 Ja ja ja...sorry, bad habits.

Make no mistake, this game is brutal.

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