Monday, 6 March 2017

Some PC-Engine loving...

PC-Engine, NEC/Hudson's Famicom killer, which in fact was successful in its aim. However, the same can not be said overseas.
In my humble opinion, it was the only console that pulled off the "life-support" mantra for an ageing hardware. In the most tasteful redesigns too.
Pictured here is one of the last large sized Hu-Card for the system. 
This is my setup I had since 25-27 years ago. It has been modified to output RGB signals as well as composite.
It took forever for the replacement power supply to come and also the RGB cable but it was worth it seeing it power up again.
My CD games collection:
Will need to source a PSX to PCE adapter and I can use my arcade panels to play the machine on the big screen.

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