Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Some catch up posts....

Won a spinner on Trademe recently. It is actually in good condition and will be applying it to a couple games that I have.

I referred here to get the scoop on it...

On a side note, got me some side arm...this is a beast of a gun. Can expect sore wrist in no time as it is made of solid metal.

Decided to fire up my other NBA JAM board and it was in a mood for resetting. Off to Trademe it goes..

Some manuals and log of the PCB life..

Next up, I powered up my second copy of POW...I notice this is a 1 board revision whereas there exists a motherboard + ROM combo as well..

Damn RAM error...every second (or third line) is a blank so no it is not an intentional scanline filter...

Do you realise this is not a pleasant game? Neither did I! The MEGADRIVE version was the one I was most familiar with and I remember it as being "fair" in terms of difficulty.
Will this be a game I will be putting more time into?

Now, this game is far more enjoyable. Maybe I dislike bugs in real life??

GROWL is an interesting title. The 2 frames animation of the main character kicking poachers and 80s chicks ass is funny and strangely gratifying. Not to mention reducing them into chunks of BBQ meat (presumable for the animals to consume on after you rescue them?).

This game has slightly more frame of animation, but it plays dirt cheap. Prepare to kick punks in the ribs when you play this game. The unlimited ammo on the handgun is a blast.

This looks awkward.

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