Monday, 26 February 2018

Results of the latest acquisitions~

I am happy to report my 4th copy of Elevator Action Returns worked a treat. Could I get a 5th? Only time can tell.

The second Baku Baku Animal STV set was working as well. I ended up playing a whole hour of this game hoping to recapture some of the nostalgia I had for this game. It was fun and really took me back to 1997...

Of the 4 MVS motherboards, only 1 worked straight off the bat. Everything else was stuck on a garbled screen. The good news is that one of the broken motherboard was repaired and fully working now.

This board perplexed me when I saw it on the initial photos. It has "Invaders" written on the label and my friend pointed out to Space Invaders 91...he was correct! Bonus point to my friend.

This board was a mystery too at first...I thought to myself...a Konami board with that infamous sound module and no player 3 and 4 was my second XEXEX (my 3rd in total...)

Now, an IREM board...hmmm...Risky Challenger...hmmm..Its Gusson Oyoyo! I was into this game about the same time as Baku Baku Animals. The cool thing about this game is the fluidity of gameplay, there is always more than one way to play the game. A bit of a morbid fact, but I find squashing the minion quite satisfying like popping bubble wrap.

My second useless Golden Tee board. Luckily, the same guy who got fixed the MVS board has an active use for this on his machine.

Now, some pictures of the dead or dying boards:

May they all RIP (or resurrected!!) Last game that I received was another DOOYANG classic: Blue Hawk. Pretty much a Sonic Wings clone but with dodgy hit detection. Play with calm hands people.

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