Sunday, 8 April 2018


Just recently received my FTR scaler back from a friend. Its' power supply had a blown power IC. Mon Ami suspected it was a secondary effect so he fitted my new IC with a socket just in case. I sent the unit to my friend in Otahuhu for assessment as sure enough, the replacement IC did not make a difference. Hamish spotted a blown resistor...and the rest is history. Thanks mate!

I stuck with an analog display since the unit outputs 480*680 through a DSUB output. Nothing short of mind blowing on a big screen this case a 20" DELL monitor.
I have my Dreamcast hooked up to it as well in the secondary input.

Here we have Contra on the Megadrive running at 60Hz and RGB.I added a ScanLine Generator (SLG) device between the output and input signal. Its nothing short of breathtaking.

I will do a head to head comparison with the BVM and a 640*480 4:3 20" LCD panel for showdown soon...

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