Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Final Fight and Elevator Action Returns

Stumbled onto this F3 cartridge and motherboard package for a steal.

I did not think much of it until I watched a youtube video of the game in action. Depending on which game you grow up with, the original Elevator Action was a one player "multi" platform game where you are presented a cross section of a building on one screen, so the details are quite small but adequately protraying the various going on that is played out on each floor. A few games borrowed this game mechanics as well like Mission Impossible and Technocop while keeping faithful to the riding elevator and shoot recipe, they increased the size of the sprites and the level design consequently loss the various going on that is played out on the other levels. Elevator Action Returns retained the size of the sprites and increased the details of the stages but in a dynamic fashion: the camera zooms in and out depending on location and pans to different locations to guide and dramatise the action. And as a side note, the arcade board is one of the biggest I have in my collection...only dwarfed by Pit-Fighter.

Also picked up Capcom's Street Fighter '89 aka Final Fight.

It is extremely clean considering its age. I remember playing the game in my local chinese takeaway (Golden Eagles Takeaway) and thoroughly enjoyed it with a side of potato fries. The cabinet was a typical 25" wooden cabinet with all the arts. It was beautiful. The takeaway also housed a WWF superstar, Main Event, Double Dragon and Street Smart in one stage or another. They also has a outrun machine there as well. I really missed that place and since my childhood, it has been converted into a hair salon/cafe.

Other news, my gameroom is getting built next week, I will document the process as I believe its going to be a once in a lifetime event and marks my midlife.

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