Monday, 15 July 2013

Gaming hardware relocation and game room preparation.

Looking forward to relocating some gaming items to a temporary storage location while the builders start to work on the games room. I think this is a good chance to catalogue some of the stuff I have been stashing in preparation for the game room. Probably a good opportunity to drum up some interest in stuff I dont use or play anymore so they can go to a better home.

The weather is overcasted as expected so I wont need any sunscreen. Luckily the new location is only a 2 minutes drive away and not much steps. Better than the alternative which is at the house but 80+ steps up.

First things to go into storage shall be some garden tools and kids toy bikes as they are quite desirable when the garage is left open. I dont think people here knows what an arcade cabinet looks like let alone to cart it off while the builders at work so they can stay with a sheet over them.

Day-1(18th March 2013): Place looks decent, but the weather didnt help. Luckily the bed wetting sheet is doing a good job diverting water from the cabinet control panel and the the top plastic bag is doing a good job as well. The dirt is there for the filling up of hole after the support beam is erected. Hoepfully the weather fine up soon.

Day-3 (20th March): The weather fined up a lot and the hole in the garage is getting prepped for the stabilising beam (for assurance). Turns out the dirt was disposed of and concerete will be used instead to anchor the beam. LOTS of dust everywhere from the concrete cutting so a total clean for the cabinets will be a must.

Day-9 (26th March): The engineer checked the support work and everything is great. The builders erected the support beam yesterday and it looks like a dance pole.

And the current (sad) state of affairs:

6th April:

The builders have started outlining the game room. Its smaller than I thought.

But definitely feeling it coming together. Have a few things to juggle at the moment on the arcade collection front as well...more on that later.

11th April:

Timber is laid and progress hampered by cold and wet weather.

The forecast for the next few days is pretty discouraging, but still powering on.

Enough babbling from me, I will just date each series of pictures to give overall progress:

13th April:

 16th April:

18th April:

25th April:

27th April:

1st May:

17th May:

Got some speakers wired in the ceiling as well as additional light fittings and ethernet cables.

29th May:

30th May:

Windows in and preping for cladding.

31st May:

Butanol platform done to divert surface water away from the concrete roof of the garage.

The sticker on my fixed window and the other one is top hung:

2nd June:

This is the back wall with the top hung toilet window installed.

The front door from a previous project installed.

The platform was dry enough for the front doors butanol to be laid to divert water away.

Incomplete spacers for the west wall, the timber joins are sealed with thermo tape to increase insulation.

The butanol channel for the surface water to be diverted away from the concrete surface.

Top hung front window in action~ Luckily I closed it because it rained today.

East wall ready for external cladding.

Front corner shot of the building.

Front ready for external cladding.

Shot of the building and the existing garage.

This corner of the garage will be quite busy, with gas and waste water pipes mashed together.

The down pipe entry to the messy driveway. Also the garage floor has been lined for the impending sewage pipe work.

23rd June:

Outdoor cladding work and some indoor tiles and dry wall work

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