Tuesday, 18 November 2014

LED in a game room

I recently watched a video put up by Mark of Retro Core and decided it is a good idea to trial such a thing in the game room.

And so off I went to purchase a similar setup on Trademe. The best value one I can find was $36 from a seller in Kilbirnie here RGB LED from yewdolighting. 5 meter is more than enough for most kitchen benches and it was definitely enough to display at the lower end of the game room where most of the candy cabinets are.

Apart from the wonky labeling of colours on the remote (i.e. pressing yellow on the remote makes the LED shoot purple!) it was quite a decent kit.

I have not fixed the LED strip to anything yet because the fixture will be permanent thanks to the 3M tape stuck to the strip, so I will be going to the hardware store to get some command hooks to anchor and direct the strip in the best possible way.

Also, try not to activate the quick cycling flash mode because it will cause epilepsy or at least a nauseating sensation.

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