Tuesday, 18 November 2014

SEGA Saturn fever my PAL!

Got a PAL SEGA Saturn from Trademe for $80NZD a week ago with 2 controllers and Street Fighter Alpha.

 Primarily for the upcoming Pro Action Replay cart mod that I intend to do to make it play CD-R plus region free gaming as seen here:

The only anomaly is the seller had work done on one of the controller and the plug had the connector installed upside down.

So first thing I did when I got the machine home is to check the cartridge slot. The pins were dead straight, thanks to the fact the RAM carts were never released in New Zealand. Then I proceeded to test the machine with the game on the PVM.

As you can see, composite is nothing spectacular.

Then I dug up my SCART cable and the result was like night and day.

Also I rekindled with my console gaming screen of all.

I played Ryu to the end and having only the Japanese version before, my personal translation of the ending was vague at best. The PAL version set everything straight and confirmed Ryu (in Alpha 1) to be a wanker indeed.

Now the waiting game for the P A R begins.

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