Sunday, 12 April 2015

Going to get me some Black Hole Bombing action and a nice gamble on some MVS gear.

Firstly I saw the last Darius game on the SEGA Saturn on Trademe. Being mostly a collector of vertical shooters for the system, I found it quite refreshing to play a horizontal shooter now and then.

Going to be a joy doing some Black Hole Bombing...

And more arcade stuff, with a fist (box) full of Neo Geo MVS boards

Got 7 motherboards in total, 1 of while is bunged...but the original deal is for 6 anyway.

My first puzzle game that is not on the Neo Geo...

Mr Driller...spiritual successor to Dig Dug??

The other Namco board was not booting up properly, so some work has to be done to put it right...

Solid core wires FTW!!

And the soul will burn on.

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