Friday, 1 May 2015

HORI Fighting Commander 3 PRO

Just like HORI previous line of "PRO" accessories (e.g. HORI Real Arcade PRO) you know you are getting something special.

In this case, the rotating and adjustable D-Pad.

I recently got this controller in a second hand condition and notice the rotating lock mechanism is jammed somewhat.

So I went ahead and open her up.

 It is nice to see that HORI went the extra mile and made the D-Pad module a seperate component instead of a all in one PCB we are all use to seeing. But that is probably to overcome the rotating mechanism and the adjustability of the D-Pad.

This is the D-Pad component, it was branded with HORI as well. The rotating mechanism is a simple one as it uses friction to keep the D-Pad locked. The rotation is not a biggy in my books but the D-Pad tension is. There are 3 settings: S setting makes the diagonals register more  ( good for shotos ) and there is vanilla and then there is L which is more akin to puzzle games where you want to minimise diagonal registery.

The tension dial is pretty tricky with just your fingernails so always keep a nickle or 10 cents piece handy. Everything was easily reassembled and now I do not have to put up with a heavier rumbling pad that has more buttons than I need and also a D-Pad that belongs on a DVD remote. Peace!


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