Monday, 21 September 2015

Another arcade board haul and CRT galore.

For the majority of retrogamers or nostalgics a good quality CRT is essential. For years I only played in RGB instead of the other signals because once I have seen that quality from a console it is hard to play on anything less. So for the gameroom, I have set out no less than 5 CRT for all types of purposes. For general gameplay, I have two 21" PVM monitors.

One is orientated in the usual horizontal position and the other is at 90 degrees. This is to accommodate vertical shooter conversions/boards that allowed full screen and resolution.

The height is set at stool sitting height to avoid leg cramps.

The next setup it situated in front of the main window. This is for the hardcore gamer who insist that the floor is where the action is. Situated at a floor sitting height are 3 monitors. The two 14" mimic the 21" big brothers and there is a 22" computer screen for 31 KHz material such as from the Naomi2 or god forbid next gen consoles.

All the I/O is handled by the matrix switch that can simultaneously display 8 sources to 8 displays. Neato.

Last night I had a visit from the arcade fairy, he brought me a lot of games. To my relief there is no street fighter boards this time, instead I am graced with Gaiapolis, Sunset Riders, another Fire Shark! original Ninja Baseball Batmen (<-plural )!

Adios for now pardner.

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