Thursday, 1 October 2015

Battletoads by RARE

It is not often a western developed arcade game gets a lot praise. But this was one of the exception. The game is Battletoads developed by RARE.

I played the game with the "Blood Enabled" but have not seen any gushes of the red (or green!) stuff yet. I do however witness a couple decapitation attacks, that was surprisingly cool. The into the screen attacks was quite satisfying to pull off as well.

This scene reminds me of the Predator series, which is fitting as the attacks unleashed by the toads morph into weapons which is fun to pull off.

This is the first stage boss, the artwork is pretty amazing.

I played as Pimple and he even taunt enemies while idling. Suffice to say the artwork is vibrant even though the game is a dark one.

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