Thursday, 3 November 2016

Giving Super Bishi Bashi a bash

A popular party favourite in the past, this was one of Konami's quirky games during the Beatmania craze. With the oversized buttons that light up, it was a really refreshing change to the traditional lever and button combination.

As one of the red buttons was not lighting up, my immediate intention was to replace the bulb. The bulb is an incandescent T10 wedge type rated at 12V, 1.7W.

Little do I know, I ordered the wrong size..


It still works though! And it lights up as brightly and uniformly as its T10 counterpart. I have also experimented with T10 12V LED bulbs. Unfortunately, the bulb remains lit whereas the incandescent bulb is off at certain parts of the gameplay. Quite possibly the game applies a load on the incandescent bulb so it is warmed up ready to flash at any given moment and the load is enough to light up the LED bulb. It is a pity as I really like the LED option to keep maintenance to a minimum.


  1. Oh! I remember spending hours at the game parlor. There were a lot of them in one of the venues in Los Angeles. Every year I had party there so that my friends and I could play games. It is a perfect birthday bash idea. I am going to do just the same for my kids.

    1. It is definitely something that is highly approachable.