Thursday, 3 November 2016

Thanks to Mon Ami, I have 8 new additions~

Thanks to my French connection, he has revived a couple of games I got in a bulk buy (seriously folks, do not do this if you have a weak heart...)and the parcel arrived mid week which is a great hump day pick-me-up.

I missed the title screen but it was Twin Hawk. It is my 3rd copy in the collection. A wonderful game which I have fond memories of. The game was displaying everything in washed out or wrong colour. The resistor array was stuffed on it so he fixed it and I can not be happier.

Gunbird was suffering from a similar problem and I think the fix was similar too. Love the flow of this game.

I have attempted to reflow the custom chips, but unfortunately, it required something beefier in terms of heat. So he used his SMD kit to reflow and now it is mint. All SMD soldering bases belongs to the kit!!

Now, this game was a bit of a dark horse. I got it for the price of a family happy meal from McD. It was a mess before, wont boot even. Now, it is glorious. I will upload a smidgen of the music from it later on, it is something really special.

Fire Shark had a RAM error screen before and it would not get past that screen. He had to spend a lot of time trouble shooting this but eventually replaced a couple of components and reflowing some components made it run perfectly again. Again, the music, it is simply pumping in this game.

The grand daddy of Toaplans' by-plane series! Flying Shark had a couple of issues, having some work ram decapitated was one of the issues..but the fixed board is rather picky as it would only work on the cabinet with the punier power supply. As of expected of a grand daddy board.

This was one of the game I was looking forward to. Having seen ports of it on the Megadrive and PC-Engine I had see the original game. Again, a happy meal game, it was having several scrolling sprites issues. More dead or dying ram to the rescue.

Finally, Final Fight (japanese revision). I needed him to check my work on the connector to make sure all the connection are kosher and also to maybe trouble shoot the motherboard. Once I realised the Z80 might be playing up, I ask him to leave it as it is. There is a trick to get it working which I covered before, but in this instance, a simple reseat and power cycle brought it to life in full glory.

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