Monday, 4 December 2017

Drills and Coin Mechs.

A friend suggested I should install coin mechs for the cabinets. One of the cabinet has accessible coin door while the other two not so much as I don't have the keys for them. 
The only option is to drill the locks rather than guessing what keys they take, plus one of the locks has already been pilot drilled so there is no point to get the keys.
The aim of the exercise is to obliterate the shaft that holds the locking tongue so in effect the lock will snap off at that point. The whole process is pretty painful and stressful as the coin counter housing is pretty close to the lock and I also wanted to preserve the locking tongue for the replacement locks.
What I learnt is that the drilling process requires periodic cooling to retain the strength and sharpness of the drill bits and also to change up the diameter...things I could of been told instead of just "drill it out in the middle" as people put it.

To my shock one of the cabinet is missing the coin chute and luckily I found someone selling what I need across the ditch.

Keeping things OG...

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