Thursday, 28 December 2017

Playing around on the BVM-2110p and Last of the Main Event

Armed with my 112 in 1 MD cart, I proceeded to play some games I missed during the transition period of MD to NeoGeo to PlayStation..

First up is Hyperstone Heist, it plays very well.

Not only did it recycled some of the characters from Turtles in Time, but introduced some original (albeit, boring ) characters. Special mention goes to Rocksteady, he does not look too good.

Next I had a blast on Gaiaries. It is a pretty awesome game, nicely paced, decent power-ups and deaths are fair and not cheap at all. The death blow sound has a nice bass to it, really impressed with this game.

A close up of MD gun turrets in the foreground as it shoots bullets into the background. Definitely something implemented for RF or Composite where the fuzziness would of smoothen the blockiness.

Had a little more celebration that I anticipated. Cue epileptic light show! You have been warned...

I had 3 copies of this game: 2 x 2 Players rom versions and 1 x 4 Players. I decided to only keep one of these and decided the 4 Players is the way to go since that was the version I grew up on.

The 4 Players version here:

And here we have the 2 Players version:

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