Friday, 23 June 2017

The Eagle has Landed

First and foremost, many thanks to Mervyn at Videotech Dunedin for making the trade and excellent service. People, buy from this guy!

On 23rd June, I felt what this guy felt.


At 190Kg and 1.45 cubic metres, I had to clear stuff out of the car and the children car seats. Props goes to the excellent guys at TOLL Wellington for allowing me to pick up from the branch, they have a smooth running operation there!

The weather was less than hospitable so I made haste and transferred everything in there.

The weight is real. The volume is real. I noticed that there are actually 2 to 3 boards per box!

Also I had this packed in 5 minutes before the truck arrived for delivery from Dunedin..

It is the spinner plus joystick controllers for Forgotten World. A CAPCOM game from bygone years. It might work for ECO Fighters too but I am not sure.

The first game I tested was PANG. It has suicided. But overall, the boards are all in great condition.

I have to dig up my CAPCOM to JAMMA adapter to try 2 of this game...Its Ghost n Goblins!!

 Some more games I tested. The Simpsons (best co-op side scrolling game ever...), Dragon Ball Z 2, suffice to say the latest PS4 version is outstanding and you should check it out and finally...GI JOE. Will reveal the outcome of that board soon.

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