Friday, 30 June 2017

The end of the dream, its time to wake up.

Today's testing session was bitter sweet as you will see. I can now say the rewards outweighed the risk and it was my best pickup to date. Without further a do, lets get on with the show.

First up we have Blazeon, published by ATLUS. A side scrolling shooter which borrows heavily from R-Type with a hint of MACROSS on the Super Famicom. The animation cut scenes are pretty good.

Now we move onto a game that was legendary on the NES for its difficulty and tight gameplay: Contra! The board looks super clean and simple compared to other Konami boards of the later period. I also discovered the diver enemies stabs your feet with a knife if you let them. Ouch!

Another game for Mon Ami to revive. Its would be my second board, a great addition to the collection.

Another its so 90's game. However, the US decided to mobilise its own version of 007. The starting scene will forever hold a special place in my heart. Jumping out of the plane laying waste to enemy soldiers who jumped after you armed with a mid air. So 90's.

No special air dive in this espionage game. Its Rolling Thunder! I can officially say I have caught up with my childhood. Shinobi like gameplay and super cool presentation. I would not imagine this to be a game played with nothing less than a well aged cognac.

Now this game brings back memories of the famicom multicarts! Although this time it is running on the same hardware as Splatterhouse! The sound quality, like Splatter, is impressive. Next best thing to bomberman I suppose?

Hope people were not playing it as a Maze Game as indicated or they wont get far.

This game, unfortunately, shall be transformed into something 45% better. I wont say what it is yet, but it does not involve picking the right tool for the job...or maybe it does?

I flicked this on for kicks. God, it sure was fun back then.

Remember a couple days ago I was lamenting the fact my copy of Street Smart was not working? Well fear not, because now I have 2 working copies! Does that make me twice as smart on the streets? Lets not find out shall we.

You can not see the title clearly here, but its Guerilla War, staring Cuba revolutionists. Compared to IKARI (which was also in the parcel!) this game seems bloodier and more voice samples of death.

Here is a game that compliments Ghost n Goblins, Wardener no mori. Follows the same plot as GnG with a Toaplan twist. Excellent game and tight controls.

Now, this game requires no introduction. It booted up fine and sounded excellent. I am truly blessed today by the arcade gods because CPS1 hardware is so fragile. The speech is excellent and the action is hectic.

This game reminded me of King Arthur. Rastan is better.

"I have the powaaaaaaaaar!"

This is the prequel to Midnight Resistance. Will play this properly in the future with the SNK rotary stick.

Another Bonze Adventure, I think I am up to 3 copies now.

This is a lode runner clone. A pretty good and colourful one I might add.

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems my Asterix board has given birth to another Asterix board. Can not have too much of a good thing I suppose?

Many IREM STG fan will weep if they scroll down these images. Please look away if you are squeamish.

ALL THE LABELS ARE THERE....Mon Ami, where are thou?

Another Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja. This one was too bad to bootup. You are bad indeed.

I did not have to go too deep to find this game. My second copy of the classic geriatric IREM shooter.

I have this game already. Cheesy are quite racist I might add.

This game absolutely requires Mon Ami attention. My bet is a trace of more has been cut and lots of details (like a whole sprite layer or 5) is missing.

I rather read or watch the epic than play this game but its Technos Japan so at least the music is pumping.

Another Sky Soldier...I wish I can go back in time and spill coke all over the machines that had this game.

Another CAL 50. So that makes CAL 100??

A nice clean TETRIS board.

This game hold a lot of nostalgia for me. I almost bought it on Trademe for $120! Luckily I did not bite because this game is too hard to be enjoyable. The graphics artist deserves a medal for his/her work on the characters and sprites.

Another Ultraman related game for my collection. This this it is a Final Fight clone, probably something you would see on the Super Famicom no doubts.

I could not test this IREM board but it sounds like a sports game.

A prominent game in most of the pictures of the pick up, especially since it was emphasised on the box. Sadly it is not the genuine arcade board nor is it working 100%. Rest in peace my cloned friend, I am sure you stole a lot of money from patrons in the past.

A nice clean board of a golf game. Perhaps it would be a genre I will pursue once I hit 50.

Jalecos' tetris remakes sure are colourful. Speech samples in this game is outstanding.

I had the japanese release of this game in my collection. Now I have the north american release. I still can not get over the fact a button is dedicated for Ryu to hang off lamp post. Seriously, why?

WWF (as in the animal foundation people) would of championed this game. Especially since butchering enemies are so graphically done. Death to poachers!

So, its time I commit extermination to my pickup this time. It was a journey of epic proportion and I do not think it would happen again in my lifetime.

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