Friday, 7 July 2017

Sequels are never as good.

Tonight, on the advise of a friend, I cleaned up the Neo Geo stash of the operator.

The package was significantly less than last time.

But that does not mean it packs a punch!

The consignment contained more than 90 games (with a couple of repeated titles) and 10 motherboards which I will sell. There is definitely no shortage of titles I could bundle with the motherboards.

Lots of artwork to go with the games as well. I did receive a couple of Neo Print Carts which would be used as parts if the need arises.

Packed in the parcel was two ZN2 games: Street Fighter EX 2 and EX 2 Plus. As well as my first naked CPS2 game I guess is SF Alpha.

Oh and also a complete Street Fighter 2 Hyper 7th one to date.

Never pack stuff like this folks, because you will see...

Dimples! On the bottom boxes. Luckily not too noticeable but take care of your packaging boys and girls.

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