Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Somethings you don't see everyday and also some work for Mon Ami...

Recently I have been cataloging and selling some boards I did not want to keep. One such board is VS. SLALOM by RARE and published by Nintendo.

It has a daughterboard that takes care of Audio and Video too. Neat.

Something else I came across was Coin Cascade LTD terms of trade...needless to say I don't blame consoles to be the demise of the arcade industry in New Zealand.

I have been testing a couple of the MVS motherboards I got recently. 2 boards tested with minor problems. A friend has offered to take them off me.

Here you can see a couple jailbar on the graphics..

Which is completely fixed when there is pressure on the board.

I suspect it might be a broken trace...something Womble from definitely is not interested in.

Here we see an unofficial MVS board. I really liked the volume dial though, so much easier than the official hardware. Also a capacitor is used to save settings which is an improvement over the battery design of the official hardware.

This one purred like a kitten once tested. Went quickly too when I advertised it.

This was the second motherboard with problems. This one has to do with the audio..possible Z80A error? RAM error?? Only my friend will know now.

I thought I had this game in my collection, but no I did not. I think the graphics are better done on this release than the blurry mess the sequels were...on 15KHz ofcause. Different story when things went 31KHz.

After the sales of my Hyper Neo Geo 64 Hardware and Cartridges, I have enough room to display the rest of the MVS carts I got in my collection. Too many to count to be honest.

My MERCS board was acting funny recently, the whole screen estate has shifted to the right cutting off a majority of the playing field. I tried it on different motherboards yielding the same results. So I took a closer look at the C Board..

Mon Ami immediately knew what must be done.

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