Monday, 29 July 2013

And the power is mine!

29th July:

The electrician has finally piped through juice in the room. Can not be happier today...except for some maintenance of my first hardware in the room.

This is where a line of my arcade cabinets will go. The fixed window will act as a mirror at night, giving the feeling of space while playing.

 In the middle of the room will have 2 suspended power points to allow machines to be backed to backed or accommodate the versus cities in the middle of the room without tripping over cords. Or just power tools while moving around in the room.

We have a florescent tube to give the room day light quality light, which is projected upwards as well as downwards. Perfect for ambient lighting for those long sessions.

 There are 12 adjustable spots I can use to highlight different areas of the room, for example a poster on a wall or a particular game on a cabinet. The possibility is endless.

Here I am doing a bit of maintenance, to make sure its clean in the inside before it cleans my inside.

Just a shot of the floor and how much mess is there to clean. Luckily the worst has passed and no more rubbish in sight.

I will give the floor a nice clean to make it shine soon.

Here is my "master control" wall for the Ethernet connection, telephone jack and also my left and right speaker inputs. The amplifier will simply be hooked up to the terminals through banana plugs and get some sound pumping through the ceiling speakers. They can handle up to 75W so should be beefy enough for some ambient music.

 The speakers are actually stereo speakers! Notice the 2 drivers under the grill.

and she is all cleaned and sparkly ready for service.

All system a go!

  The room does look busy even though nothing is happening at the moment.

And again the place where "most" of the cabinets will go.

And I bid you farewell...for now.

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