Wednesday, 31 July 2013

First ever drink review: Dissidia Final Fantasy Potion.

HP: low due to repeated transportation of gaming goods from house to game room.

MP: None because I am human.

Status: Thirsty and craving for a mild refreshment.

I saved this potion for this occasion to evaluate first of all its ability to satisfy my thirst in a non abrasive way (such as drinking generic coke or energy drink like V) and secondly to give me a perception (lets not kid ourselves, its a soda) of revitalising my HP quickly as often the case in a boss battle and cbf waiting for the white mage to heal you.

 First off the bat I try to interpret the ingredients and get an idea of what to expect. Not the sort of thing you would do in the heat of a boss fight, but I only have one to try so I will do my best. 2 ingredients just out which is Royal Jelly "ekisu" so maybe a honey like element to the flavour which made me believe Suntory (the makers) are going for the Vikings' Meade recipe (Alright!) BUT Vitamin B2, crap, as Bs are one of the hardest vitamins to mask the flavour and colour of. I am anticipating a diabetic piss soda.

Here are some can art:

Shot of his relieved face and his crotch most definitely in line with my expectations. I am worried.

Potion being a potion should be guzzled down quickly, I am surprised they haven't gone for the large opening design as seen in Mountain Dew.

At first glance, the date may indicate this soda to be of considerable vintage, but fear not, it actually follows the Japanese Dating system: I read 2 paragraphs of it and left it there.

The colouring or lack of is a pleasant surprise! It is also quite bubbly, a trait not desirable in a consumable during a boss fight, but nonetheless it will be the only second thing that makes this drink bearable.

The first taste of it reminds me of old clothes. The immediate comparison was to Chi, a fizzy herbal drink readily available in supermarkets, but this was worst. This destroyed the concept of "instant" revitalisation as guzzling this down will probably decrease your HP and put you into a Poison status. The sweetness was comparable to Sprite but not as hardcore as Pepsi, nothing to write home about. My wife gave a second opinion on the taste and that is it tastes off.

So in conclusion, I think Suntory tried to replicate an old world tonic taste, like that of meade, but the final product was lacklustre and tried to "lift" the product with impressive colouring and effervescence. I had to wash it all down with plain tap water which actually improved the after taste. Good luck tracking one down just don't pay too much for it. I got mine off trademe for $2.40 and I consider $1.70 to be the norm for premium/imported soda in a can.

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