Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Done some adapters for the new boards and a grim discovery...

I just received the parcel today and decided it would be a good time to test them out. All the boards I got are non JAMMA boards so what that means is that provided the power supply is the same that I would expect from a JAMMA connector, I needed to adapt the games input/output to JAMMA standards. Luckily all the boards came with their own harness so it is a matter of mixing and matching the connections.

First up we have a SEGA System 16 classic: Shinobi. The reason why that big Hitachi chip is there is to thwart piracy (more on this later...) so there is a level of encryption in the game data to prevent bootleggers to copy the games information.

Next up, as featured last post, is Wonderboy...hmmm...upon closer inspection, it is a conversion from 4D Warriors. I am not sure whether it was a factory conversion or one done by the operator, but it was definitely converted from the other System 1 game. No matter, I prefer this over the System 2 retrofit setup with daughterboards etc. Could this been an illegal conversion away from SEGA's eyes? I would need to consult with friends in Japan for more details.

And finally, something that was not on the list in the first place when enquiring about Wonderboy...this small wonder: Bubble Bobble! Now I have completed my Bubble Bobble & Rainbow Island collection. Looking forward to powering both of them on at the same time.

First I worked on the System 1 to JAMMA adapter. Took me no time and done a double check before I powered on my AV7000.

It works. Everything worked as advertised.

Now I move onto the System 16 to JAMMA adapter. It was a little more involving since it incorporates a second player.

Time to rescue those damn ninja kids..

Finally I move onto the Bubble Bobble to JAMMA head was spinning by the end of this because I needed to double check the orientation of the 3 harnesses as well as their relative input/outputs. I think I totally maxed out all the Ground inputs on the JAMMA connection including video ground.

Everyone was right, it is a beautiful game.

Sorry to leave the post on this video note...good luck getting the music out of your head for the rest of the day.

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