Thursday, 26 October 2017

Out of the ashes...a Baraduke shall arise.

Been busy with more testing and wiring. First on the bench is CAPCOMs' 1942. The board's connecting edge looks like a JAMMA connection and also 1942 pinout is slightly different from the pinout found in games of the same era like Makaimura and Trojan.

I suspect a faulty RAM or 6...damn you Fujitsu, damn you to arcade hell. The game sounds and plays good but the graphics is all messed up. But the night is young, so I pressed on, digging deeper.

I never had a love for this game unfortunately, but to my surprise, it started up and played beautifully. It is an original TAITO board in a sea of bootlegs. Glad it worked and still traumatic to play.

Hitting while the iron is hot, I wired up Gulivan Cosmic Police. Who has an uncanny resemblance to Robocop using a Jitte to murder monsters and other nasties alike. Alas, it was a no goer. The background tiles is messed up and the foreground text is messed up too. However, the sprite of the characters were working so I can only image it being a RAM fault again. Digging deeper for another win...

Under the wrap is an original NAMCO Baraduke (you just have to take my word for it). The pinout is the same as Gaplus and some of the contemporary NAMCO releases. This time round, the established harness utilised the 3 pin molex supplying +5V, 12V and Ground. All good and was a tidy adaptation to JAMMA too. The gameplay is similar to Atomic Robokid which I played to death on the old Megadrive, but this time round the game gives you a couple of hit before getting charred by bullets with a couple of hits and an instant charred death if you touch the enemies (extra crispy mind you). They also implemented a kickback animation whenever you fire the weapon, of any calibre, which is a messy mechanic to say the least. You are also required to be careful not to kill friendlies as well which is always sad to watch.

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